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- Why T.Rex ? Hum, first, letters of T.Rex are part of my name. Second, my son offered me when he was about 8 a small picture with a Tyrannosaurus Rex drawed.

- Why Mersenne numbers ? I first discovered them when I was 24 (nearly half of my life yet !). I wrote a program to print the biggest Mersenne prime at that time ! They are so big now !

I live in Grenoble, France, and work as a Software architect in a big French company building and selling big machines. AIX, Linux, System Management, Java, Prolog, Threads, PowerPC, Itanium2, ... are part of my life.

Since I'm an engineer (from the "Ecole des Mines d'Alès"), I HAD a good background in Mathematics. But I'm sad I never learnt about Number Theory at school. I've tried to understand the proof behind the Lucas-Lehmer Test. I think I have succeeded, by reading the famous following books: "A Little Book for Bigger Primes" of Paulo Ribenboim and "Edouard Lucas and Primality Testing" of HC. Williams, and other French books. I've used these models for writing proofs of other Primality tests for Fermat numbers and I am, from time to time, studying some funny numbers. See: some papers.

I'm proud I have discovered a new (as far as I know) property of Mersenne numbers: <math> M_q = {(8x)}^2 - {(3qy)}^2 = {(1+Sq)}^2 - {(Dq)}^2 </math> and to have contributed to prove the Primality of M41 and M42 with the great GLucas tool.

I am a YAGA ("Yet Another GIMPS Addict") and my dream is to find M43 ...

(My wife does not understand why I'm spending [loosing, she says] so much time with these Maths ...)