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My name is Richard B. Woods.

I worked as a computer programmer and analyst, and have other interests such as astronomy (my intended career at one time), humanism, mathematics, philately (stamp collecting), physics, plate tectonics, politics and prediction markets. I'm active in some Internet forums related to my interests.

Here in Wisconsin where I've lived since 1985 (after having grown up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then trying Minnesota for 8 years), "cheesehead" is a coveted appellation, so I registered for it as soon as I saw it was available in the Mersenne Forum. "Eat cheese or die" has been humorously proposed as a Wisconsin state motto, inspired by the honorable New Hampshire state motto "Live free or die", but the fine folks of New Hampshire might not fully appreciate that we would mean no disrespect by our lighthearted adaptation of their motto.

- - - -

Once upon a time there was a llama (perhaps at the llama ranch near I-43 north of Milwaukee) wearing a foam hat resembling a Swiss cheese wedge. Someone took its picture, and the picture was posted, for a while, on the website of Foamation Incorporated (which manufactures various foam headgear with that Swiss cheese motif). I saw the picture, thought the llama looked nearsighted but distinguished (in a Wisconsinary sort of way) and fit my chosen nym, so I copied the image file (without getting permission from Foamation, Inc.) for my avatar. A fellow Mersenne Forum participant nymed "eepiccolo" superimposed the 2P-1 logo on the image and shrank the image file under the then-new 10KB avatar limit; I loved the result. (Thanks, ee, wherever you are!)

I am not the llama, but I'd usually enjoy responding in kind to folks who want to pretend they're communicating with a mathematically-educated, literate llama.

Never mind that in Hungarian (I am told) the animal's name, there spelled "lama" (same as the Buddhist gurus), is a colloquial term for a foolish person.  :-) (-:  :-)

- - - - -

I'm constructing an experimental FAQ for certain topics: Cheesehead's selected FAQs