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This is a Distributed Computing project in search of the largest Proth prime number.

How to Participate

Participation is open to everyone running either Windows or Linux. If you are interested in participating, visit the project's home page and send an email to the project coordinator with your processor type, megahertz speed, and whether running Windows or a Linux OS. You will receive an email response with directions on how to get started.

Client Software

This project currently uses Jean Penné's program, Lucas Lehmer Riesel (LLR), version 3.8.1. Previously this project was using George Woltman's PRP

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Lucas Lehmer Riesel

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This project is now on hold.


Date News Number Discoverer Comments
May 22, 2002 New prime number 32883*2^1000004+1 Bob Cousins At this date, it was the 15th largest prime number, and the 2nd largest Proth prime number.
March 12, 2002 New prime number 129927*2^344000+1 Bob Cousins At this date, it was the 84th largest prime number.
February 17, 2002 New prime number 67385*2^200151+1 Robert van der Peijl At this date, it was around the 331st largest prime number.
February 11, 2002 Start of our group effort.

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