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This page is an index to the main mathematical terms and phrases used throughout the wiki

Composite Number - An integer that is not prime

Exponent - In <math>3^5</math>, 5 is the exponent

Factor - A divisor

Factorization - Finding the factors of an integer

Fast Fourier Transform - An algorithm that permits real-time signal spectrum analysis.

Fermat number - Numbers of the form <math> 2^2^r + 1</math>

Generalized Fermat Number - There are different kinds of such numbers.

Lucas-Lehmer Test - A test used to prove primality of mersenne numbers.

Mersenne prime - Primes of the type <math>2^n -1</math> (implying n is also prime).

Pépin Test - A test used to prove primality of Fermat numbers.

Perfect number - An integer that is equal to the sum of its divisors, excluding itself.

Prime Number - Numbers only divisible by 1 and the number itself.